During the process of auditing an inventory control and a technical documentation of the delivered devices are conducted. The technical composition of each used hardware product is added and documented in an inventory management system for refurbishing, which was developed specifically for us. At this stage of the process, every single piece of IT equipment receives an in-house serial number as well as a special barcode. Within our system the devices are now traceable and show which individual components and accessories belong to which device. It also shows if the devices arrived complete with all their components after the transportation. The inspection begins with an initial visual examination. This inspection is also a safety measure to prevent a possible electrical shock transmitted by the equipment. This visual examination functions as well as a process to determine outer damages, missing body parts, soiled ventilation slots or other security relevant defects. Subsequently the protection category of the used IT device is determined. As part of the overall inspection of each device we conduct measurements on the touchable parts. Also, parts that are conductive and either connected or not connected to the protective grounding are measured. Generally, we test the protective grounding, the correct condition of the isolation, the grounding conductor resistance, the protective conductor current and the touch current. Depending on the type of the device, the next step is to test the functionality of other safety and protection measures. Afterwards a comprehensive functional test and performance check is conducted. This also includes a control of the inscription on all disregarded used IT equipment. Each of the details uncovered during the safety inspection of each individual device is noted and documented via a technical process.



Devices with little sign of previous use and no significant blemishes.


Devices in used condition with noticeable scratches and cosmetic blemishes.


Devices in moderate to have used condition with visible scratches and blemishes.


Defective devices.

Accurate Audit

For a law-abiding and environmentally friendly business, the concern about their used IT devices does not end with the transportation of property. Out of data security reasons and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you require to be informed if former client information, as well as other sensitive information, might still be found in your data components. In order to ensure compliance with the law, you will need convincing evidence that the whole data was correctly erased before the hardware is passed to new users. Old devices do not fall into the hands of recyclers who transform entire Third World regions into toxic waste disposal sites.

Certified Process

At NB12, we record every serial number of each device and provide a unique ID-code and tracking tags. In this way, the current status of the device is always available and can be traced over the archived documentation even years later. We provide insights into our bookkeeping to check your orders at any time. Transparency at NB12 stands for an open-book policy. The cost/pricing calculations, as well as types of hardware, their costs, targeted customer range, are also easily accessible. With NB12 by your side, you can rest assured that the established laws regarding data-security for your business are followed. Used hardware is always handled with great care and prepared for future exploitation. You can always keep sight of the cost/price/usability balance with NB12.