Data erasure

Data security is one of our top priorities when disposing of your redundant IT assets. When you sell, recycle or donate your old notebook, desktop or server equipment it will need to be completely sanitized prior to being sent on to its new home. We have a process which achieves this with the minimum disruption to you and your business. We offer convenient, cost-effective solutions for businesses that have a large amount of old computer data to destroy or data that needs to be permanently removed from electronic equipment prior to disposal. Our Data Erasure service ensures that your IT Assets will be safely remarketed without any risk of retaining customer residual data, protection against fraud and loss of sensitive company information. We are completing the process by providing a full report and Certificate of Completion for the specific drives erased and the level of erasure achieved.


Whether you have a few drives or several thousands, NB12 can destroy them all. We offer secure data erasure and drive destruction, as well as drive shredding. Our service ranges from simple secure data erasure services for small businesses to larger IT recycling projects for multi-national companies.

Our Data Erasure service helps you to achieve compliance with GDPR and other governmental regulatory requirements, and at the same time ensure the security and privacy of information throughout its lifecycle.

Our service tools align to the DoD 5220-22.M regulation,
the highest standard of data erasure:


Desktop PCs




USB Devices

Flash Drives


Printers & Scanners


Shard Drives

(Scsi, Fiber Channel, Sata, Sas)

Fax Machines And MFD Systems

On- or Off-site Drive
Destruction Services

Our experience serving businesses and organizations in all industries has given us exposure to many different circumstances that we can leverage to better customize our secure drive destruction services to the specific needs of each customer. We are providing a secure solid-state drive and hard drive destruction on-site or at our location according to DIN66399. We guarantee that important drives and devices will be secure from the time you release them to us until they are destroyed. You are more than welcome to personally witness the process of erasing your personal data at our NB12 location or via VPN live stream. The audit-proof documentation of the achieving procedure will be sent to you by the project manager in any case.