IT Asset Buybacks

IT Assets are not a one-time event, and the product life cycle is something that every company needs to be prepared for. Despite this, many companies ignore the idea of having to remove its IT Assets from offices, warehouses, showrooms and retail stores once the product has reached the end of its useful life. This is definitely something that should be considered when deciding what your company’s inventory disposal strategy will be. Giving up on your IT Assets too early can have costly consequences. As one of the leading IT remarketing companies in Europe, we provide comprehensive technology Remaketing services that enable companies with redundant IT equipment to sell the used IT Assets for the highest possible return on their investment. To ensure that your IT is exploited to the maximum of residual utility, has NB12 developed an individual concept for buying and remarketing. Share with us what is important to you, and we will bear the responsibility for the project. Starting with the planning of logistics and transport to the final re-sale, we will give you a complete insight into every audit-proof step. We would also like to consult you with charitable use of your used devices, as well as the related income as a deductible donation.

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